Welcome to the webpage for Northern Planes Aerosport!  

Northern Planes Aerosport offers a host of services related to aerobatic flight.  From aircraft ferry service to competition aerobatic training we are at your service! 

The Northern Planes Aerosport staff is currently an active supporter of the International Aerobatic Club, actively competing in the United States at the Regional and National level.
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Northern Planes Aerosport, LLC
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Specialized Aeronautics - Dedicated to the Mastery of Flight
A typical day inside the Northern Planes Aerosport hangar
The above photo is a Panzl S-330P, serial number 001 which is owned and operated by Northern Planes Aerosport, LLC..

This video is the Gold Medal winning 'Second Unknown - Advanced' from the 2017 US National Championships.  This flight cemented the top spot as Captain of the US Aerobatic Team, 2018.