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Northern Planes Aerosport, LLC.
Call us: 712-346-8700
If we're not dancing among the clouds you can find us at...
Contact us: 
​KAXA - Algona Municipal Airport located at Hangar #23

602 4th Street
PO Box 277
Burt, IA 50522

515-924-3300 (Home/Office)
712-346-8700 (mobile)

Business Hours:
By appointment only - call or email to schedule a time.
Northern Planes Aerosport is a proud supporter of:

​US Advanced Aerobatic Team:  http://www.iac.org/TeamUSA

Captain of the 2017-2018 US Advanced Aerobatic Team!
If you feel like supporting the international endeavor for Aaron to represent the USA at the 2018 World Championships, donations are greatly appreciated.  Every bit counts.  You can support via GoFundMe at:


International Aerobatic Club:  http://www.iac.org
IAC U.S. National Championships:  http://nationals.iac.org